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Whether it’s an accounting system, a payment gateway, or any other third party application that provides an Application Programming Interface (API), you can integrate it with your Zoho CRM to deliver robust automation.When these systems communicate seamlessly, they enable time savings, increased accuracy, and empower your staff to focus on revenue generating tasks as opposed to mundane double data entry. An API is a set of clearly defined methods of communication between various systems. As such, the API is paramount to the optimal functioning of integrations with your CRM. Zoho CRM provides  REST (Representational State Transfer) API that allows you to connect the CRM system with third-party applications, and Zoho recently announced that a new version of the API for Zoho CRM is being introduced. Thus, API V2.0 will replace the current version as part of a two stage roll-out process. API Version 1.0 is approaching end of life and will be deprecated on December 31st 2018; meaning that this version will no longer be developed, updated or supported for new development, however it will continue to remain functional until the sunset date, which is slated for December 31st 2019.On this date API 1.0 will cease to function altogether and integrations […]
Reliable and quick insight into your business can mean the difference between failure and success. That’s why robust analytics should always be an integral part of your decision making process. The new Google AdWords Advanced Analytics add-on enables you to import you Google AdWords data into Zoho Reports for advanced reporting and analysis. It’s an add-on that delivers the power of Zoho Reports to all Google AdWords users.  Over the next few paragraphs we’ll go over the benefits of this new feature and how you can take advantage of it. What is the Zoho Reports Advanced Reporting add-on for Google AdWords and how does it work? The Advanced Reporting add-on is a complete business intelligence (BI) and reporting tool that allows you to dissect and analyze your Google AdWords data and present it in a variety of reports and dashboards. The add-on comes preloaded with more than 50 report options and dashboards, which means that you will be able to run your data and get the insights that you need in no time. However, should you require a custom built solution; you can always create your own reports and dashboards using data from Google AdWords AND any other sources and […]

Zoho CRM Variables

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If you’ve ever had to develop an e-mail template in Zoho, then you are probably familiar with CRM Variables. Over the next few paragraphs, we’ll dive into a quick overview of how CRM Variables work, how your CRM system can benefit from their features and how you can set them up. What are CRM Variables? CRM Variables can be defined as a pseudo-module that stores static and reusable information in your CRM account. They can be utilized in a variety of situations depending on your specific needs. Email templates, Mail Merge templates and Inventory templates all use CRM Variables; and they can also be deployed as reusable authentication parameters in custom functions, links and buttons, as well as Webhooks, Related Lists, and APIs. It is important to note that only users with Administrator profiles can create and manage CRM variables; and that each organization can create a maximum of 10 variable groups, with 25 variables per group; or 250 variables per organization, which is a generous amount. Examples/Benefits CRM Variables can play a key role in determining the success of your automation system as they deliver customization for a variety of process flows and campaigns. Consider the following examples: Ensure […]